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About me:

I am a painter mainly working with watercolour / acquarel and gouache techniques. Depending on the idea and goal I choose other ways and methods. I appreciate the freedom of mixing the techniques in turn as inspiration appears.

I have been painting since childhood and from that time on I have been winning several painting competitions. My father, Niels Bruun, was a painter too.

In the artistic process I feel like the tool for the idea of the painting, that wishes to express itself. I may have a certain idea to start out with or I let the brush or other materials like slate or clay if in ceramics lead as a extension of my feelings and my soul. But sometimes I have to let go of the main idea for another appearing one - as if the painting is demanding another direction and so I listen and follow.
My free works are dreamy in the expression.

Art is a contact between souls - the expressed and the viewer, reader and listener always subjectively understood as all messages are. That is why I never tell the observer of my free works what to see and what to feel. It gives the observer the freedom of his or her totally own experience and
it fills me with joy when one of my works is able to touch a heart.

Often I feel an unfolding on the paper or canvas, a picture I did not expect and I may have a childish sense of happiness of a well and surprising result, because the painting to me is like a present - not created by myself.

To paint and to be creative in all other forms of art to me is like flying with closed eyes trusting the inner, divine guidance.

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